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Papers Published On-line

Selected powerpoint presentations by speakers at the 2004 ARANZ Conference...

The archival profession is obsessed with electronic records.  Conferences, workshops, journal articles, and major research projects seem to address issues around electronic or digital records more than any other. Most of the presenters, examples, and rhetoric in these forums come from large archival institutions dealing with large governments or business corporations. Yet many archivists work in smaller archives, for smaller sponsors. Terry Cook provides some insight and answers to the questions, what solutions can they embrace for electronic records? What priorities should they set? What arguments can they use to convince sponsors for action and funding?

The decade of the 1970s, that in which the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand formed, was a watershed in the development of archives associations world-wide. Tom Wilsted outlines the cicrcumstances that led to these developments.

Does a democracy need secrecy, and if so, why, and for how long? Unfortunately, New Zealand’s security intelligence agencies compare poorly with similar agencies worldwide who have been far more proactive concerning opening their records for inspection.  Rachel Lilburn conducts an assessment of the state of disposal of, and access to, security intelligence records in New Zealand ...

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