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To be a strong voice for archives and records.


  • To be an independent advocate for archives and records management.
  • To provide leadership and support for those involved in managing archives and records.
  • To promote and protect the interests of users of New Zealand archives and records.
  • To promote the value of archives and records in New Zealand society.


  • To increase our advocacy on issues relating to archives and records.
  • To raise the profile of ARANZ and its members.
  • To promote education and continuing development amongst archivists and records managers
  • To propose a means of recognising professional archivists.


Goal 1: Advocacy

ARANZ will support its members and stakeholders by advocating for their interests and those of the archives.

      We will, therefore:

      • engage publicly, through the media or other appropriate channels, on issues of significant interest or concern
      • monitor and comment, when appropriate, on Archives New Zealand appraisal recommendations.
      • monitor significant changes in Government and Local Government policy which has an impact on archives, and respond when appropriate.

Goal 2: Raise the profile of ARANZ and its members

The value and importance of the work of archivists and records managers needs to be better recognised and one of ARANZ’s key roles should be to assist its members in doing this:

We will, therefore:

  • produce a booklet promoting understanding of the value of archives and the work of archivists, for free distribution by members and ARANZ wherever it will be beneficial
  • respond to issues relating to archives and records
  • engage with Ministers who hold relevant portfolios
  • maintain a relationship with the Archives Council
  • improve promotion of ARANZ to new students
  • continue to develop and enhance Records and Archives Week

Goal 3: Education and Professional Development

Part of being a professional practitioner is gaining the core knowledge required to carry out work to a certain standard and keeping up to date with developments in the field. We will, therefore:

  • provide information on training and educational opportunities
  • promote and encourage education and continuing development of members
  • take an active role in discussions with, and providing advice to, education and training providers
  • explore opportunities to become involved in the provision of training.

Goal 4: Membership

In order to encourage the highest standards for archival practice in New Zealand and achieve recognition for members who achieve them, ARANZ will define what is required to be a professional archivist and, consequently, a professional member of the Association.

We will, therefore:

  • develop criteria for a professional membership category, including the core body of knowledge required for a recognised practitioner
  • review the membership structure
  • present to members a proposal for a professional membership category
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