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Annual Plan 2009-2010


1. Membership

  • Engage the membership in a discussion about the recognition of professional knowledge and skills.

Date: June 2010

Responsibility: Anna Blackman, Janine Delaney and Richard Overy

2. Education and continuing development

  • Compile a list of regular training courses and education available for archivists and record managers in New Zealand.

Date: November 2009

Responsibility: Christine Black

  • Approach key tertiary institutions to offer ARANZ participation on their course advisory boards.

Date: December 2009

Responsibility: Stephen Clarke

  • Identify opportunities to provide, or collaborate in, training for 2010-2013.

Date: November 2009

Responsibility: Stephen Clarke

  • Hold the 2010 ARANZ Conference in Wellington.

Date: August 2010

Responsibility: Wellington Branch or ARANZ Council

3. Raise the profile of ARANZ and its members

  • Develop a business case and project plan for a publication to promote archives and archivists.

Date: December 2009

Responsibility: Joanna Newman

  • Lead a successful Records and Archives Week event.

Date: May 2009

Responsibility: Kirsty Cox

  • Maintain contact with Ministers who hold relevant portfolios and with the Archives Council.

Date: Ongoing

Responsibility: President 

  • Update the membership brochure.

Date: November 2009

Responsibility: Caroline Etherington and Janine Delaney

4. Advocacy

  • Council members to monitor media for issues requiring response and to prepare a response for delivery through appropriate channels in a timely manner.

Date: Ongoing

Responsibility: All Councillors/President

  • Respond to members’ requests for advocacy where appropriate and where a matter involves broader professional issues.

Date: As required

Responsibility: All Councillors

5. Communication

  • Produce and distribute newsletters.

Date: Ongoing

Responsibility: Lois Robertson

  • Produce and distribute at one Archifacts per annum.

Date: Ongoing

Responsibility: Nicola Frean

  • Maintain and update website as necessary.

Date: Ongoing

Responsibility: Darryl Pike and Kirsty Cox

Copy of Annual Plan

A copy of the Annual Plan in PDF format is available: Click here (PDF 67.3 KB)



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